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Specializing in AI services for education and job support targeting diverse and underserved audiences. Leveling the playing field for qualified candidates and ensuring they are ready for their next job interview.

Future of Job Seeking & Hiring Done Simple.We use Job Placement AI Technology.

With fierce competition In today's job market, having access to next generation of hiring and career assistance tools is the best way to get noticed by hiring managers.

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Hiring Manager Solutions

Finding great qualified candidates for open positions can be an incredibly time consuming, expensive, and complicated process. Additionally, the ongoing need for more diverse hiring practices makes the hiring process more difficult.


HirelyAI creates and uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assess job candidates quickly and without bias. Our platform recognizes and surfaces the skills and qualities that will make the most successful employees. We make it easier for businesses to find the right fit, ensuring diversity and the best possible hire.


HirelyAI’s advanced AI technology identifies the perfect job candidate quickly and accurately, leveraging real- time data and feedback from thousands of employers.


HirelyAI’s language models are non- discriminatory and help businesses to achieve optimal diversity in the workplace.


With a streamlined and intuitive user interface, businesses can easily access HirelyAI’s sophisticated tools and powerful analytics.


HirelyAI’s services are very economical, providing a great return on investment.


HirelyAI provides a dedicated customer support team to assist clients with any questions or problems.


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Hire better Candidates Faster

Utilizing AI to match job seekers with positions that best fit their skills and interests while offering competitive pricing and special discounts for joining early.

Managing Your Hiring Process Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Benefits of using HirelyAI include saving time, reducing cost and finding the best talent for the open positions.

The process is quick and efficient and can help businesses of all sizes save time and money, and make the hiring process more varied and inclusive.

AI Driven
Interview Prep
Increase likelihood of passing first round interview

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Our business is growing fast!

HirelyAI, is the leading AI-powered hiring platform revolutionizing the hiring process for job seekers. With advanced non-discriminatory language models, businesses of all sizes can find qualified candidates in a way that ensures diversity and fairness. This gives job seekers the best opportunity to showcase their skills and find the job on a caeer path they deserve.

Helping Job SeekersBuild Confidence knowing they are ready for the interview and getting the job of their dreams.

Daily Growth +Job Seekers using HirelyAI for their Interview prepping and career placement needs.

100%AI first learning tools helping job seekers build stills and land jobs.

220M+Unemployed and 30% of employed worldwide workforce seeking new jobs we are here to help.

Meet our leadership

Led by CEO Malik and CIO Andrew, HirelyAi is at the forefront of innovation in recruitment, interview Ai tech, and job seeker education tools. Malik's extensive management experience and Andrew's expertise in technology and consulting drive HirelyAI's mission to help job seekers find their best job and hiring managers find their best candidates. Together, these leaders champion a technology and diversity first approach to revolutionizing the job market.

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    Co-Founder / Business Development & Developer

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    Co-Founder / User Interface & Developer


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Frequently asked questions

What is HirelyAI?
HirelyAI is the interview prepping solution for Job Seekers with the opportunity to be submitted to potential Hiring Managers who value skills and diversity over biased assumptions about potential candidates.
What are the benefits of using HirelyAI? as a Hiring Manager
Benefits of using HirelyAI include saving time, reducing cost, and finding the best talent for open positions while creating a more diverse candidate pool.
How does HirelyAI offer non discriminatory language models?
Our language models are designed to review job seekers based on their skills and qualifications, rather than certain discriminatory factors such as gender, race, or age. This helps businesses maintain fairness in their hiring practices while finding the best candidates for any position quickly and efficiently.
How can one benefit from using HirelyAI’s virtual interview features?
As a Hiring Manager using our virtual interview features allows you to get a better understanding of a job applicant by reviewing the answers to interview questions either created by our AI Algorithms for that particular role or custom questions you created and analyzing responses like verbal/written answers facial expressions etc.. This ensures that you are making an accurate assessment of candidates without having to physically meet with them which saves time & cost considerably + being more convenient for both parties. Also Hiring Managers have the opportunity to receive the coveted HirelyAI Diversity Badge if they choose to not know who the candidate is until a offer is made.
How does HirelyAI use predictive analytics for recruiting?
We use predictive analytics to help recruiters make data-driven decisions about hiring and assess the impact of an applicant’s skills on a job role quickly and accurately. This lets our users get access to the right applicants in no time!
Is HirelyAI easy enough for anyone to use?
Yes, HirelyAI has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The system is user-friendly, allowing users to navigate menus quickly and easily without prior experience or knowledge related experience required. Additionally, our team is available for customer support via Live chat if help is needed getting started. Tutorials and training scenarios are also provided for those that need additional assistance setting up the platform.