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Frequently asked questions

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What is HirelyAI and how does it work?
HirelyAI is an AI-powered service that specializes in AI services for education and job support targeting diverse and underserved audiences. It offers employment placement support and job seeker modules to help job seekers develop the skills through interview prepping and necessary job seeking documentation to be submitted to hiring managers. Once a job seeker is hired HirelyAI also offers ongoing career assistance modules to help every day while on the job. HirelyAI also offers hiring manager modules (job description/qualifying questions/assessment tests), employee placement support, candidate assessments data to help hiring managers streamline the hiring process. Also a unique advantage is our recognized diversity business badge opportunities and low candidate placement fees (among the lowest in the industry).
How much does it cost to use HirelyAI?
For a limited time only all modules are free as long as you sign in. Pricing will be updated soon.
What kind of job seekers does HirelyAI target?
HirelyAI targets diverse and underserved audiences, which means it is designed to help qualified candidates who might face barriers to employment, such as people from underrepresented groups, those who lack certain skills or experience, or those who face other obstacles in the job market.
How does HirelyAI ensure that job seekers are qualified?
HirelyAI uses advanced AI/ML technologies to screen and assess job seekers, and only presents highly qualified candidates to hiring managers. It also offers ongoing career assistance modules to help job seekers develop their skills and advance their careers.
What kind of tools does HirelyAI offer to job seekers and hiring managers?
HirelyAI offers a range of tools to job seekers, such as interview tools, job seeking documentation, and career assistance modules. It also offers hiring manager tools, such as job description creation tools, custom tailored qualifying questions, and assessment tests.
How does HirelyAI ensure diversity and prevent discrimination in the hiring process?
HirelyAI offers hiring managers the opportunity to earn a Recognized Diversity Business Badge for choosing to hire based on HirelyAI candidate assessments data of the best qualified job seeker for an open position, removing the possibility of racial discrimination, gender bias, and age discrimination amongst other things. It also provides ratings to interview questions, assessment data and feedback to Hiring Managers for all screened candidates.

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