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Tools to augment the hiring process and find better candidates

Stop wasting time on candidates that no show or ghost interviews, use AI to turbo charge your hiring process and find properly qualified and new diverse talent. Contact our team for details if you'd like to become a preferred partner.

Work with Hirely AI

Our Process

We are building cutting edge AI tools to get candidates ready for job interviews, but also to provide hiring managers with the best candidates for the job. We can do with using state of the art machine learning tools that are getting better every day and with ever use. These tools can train and teach, as well as assess job candidates for the roles you are hiring for. By using non bias tools that will include speech and text recognition, we will be able to weed out those with appropriate skills and aptitude, saving you time and money.

Coming Soon - Chat interview tool can help screen applications for technical and behavioral questions, and summarize their answers for your review and approval before moving them to the next hiring round.

AI is changing the way businesses operate and this is true as well for hiring and recruiting. We do not plan to replace recruiters but instead take away the boring and mundane parts of the job and provide tools that make doing your job better.

Here are a couple of ways we can work together:

  • Candidate assessment tools - Assess verbal and written answers for common behavioral and technical questions
  • Offer our interview tools to candidates to get them ready for an interview
  • AI Interview tool - Coming Soon!

Removing Bias In The Hiring Process

Additonally, we are looking for diversity hiring partners who want to use our tools to help ensure they are hiring the best candidate for the job while intentionally removing biasing factors from the interview process.

We plan on becoming the gold standard for ensuring non bias practices are incorporated into the hiring process. This includes removing racial discrimination, gender bias, and age discrimination amongst other things. We believe that hiring the best does not always mean hiring someone who looks and acts like you, but rather someone who can meet the requirements of the job and may have some specific different perspective that can make the company stronger.

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